What happens in a yoga session?

You will learn physical poses as well as pranayama or breathing techniques which you will use throughout your yoga practice in conjunction with the poses. Colleen will custom create a yoga program for you that is tailored to your needs, goals and interests. The yoga session focuses on teaching you the program so that you may also practice on your own and develop your own personal yoga practice.

Why private sessions?

Private yoga sessions are especially valuable to new and veteran yoga students alike who would like to receive more detailed instruction about specific poses. Private sessions also give you a program that is tailored just for you, with the opportunity to learn poses which support the healing of specific physical issues. The private class is taught in a manner appropriate for your ability, body structure, age and nature. Unlike a group setting, you get to determine the pace and content of your yoga experience.

Where do private sessions take place?

Based on your preference and yoga studio availability (studio location may vary), sessions may be taught either in your own home or in the yoga studio.

How much does it cost?

Pricing varies depending on several factors such as session length, travel distance, etc. Please contact Colleen for more information at 415-420-0210 or .

What yoga props or equipment are required?

The actual props used in a session will depend on your needs. It is recommended but not essential for the student to have their own yoga sticky mat. Colleen will provide mats where needed as well as other yoga props such as blocks and blankets.